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Creamy foam cream - Very dry to rough skin

Creamy Foam Cream

very dry to rough skin

The moisturizing foam cream protects the skin from drying out. Skin-caring, and moisture-binding substances are used in our skin care products to strengthen the skin`s natural protective barrier against acids to prevent skin irritation and dry skin.

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Creamy foam cream - Calloused and cracked skin

Creamy Foam Cream

calloused and cracked skin

The foam cream against calloused and cracked skin makes the skin supple again. After all calluses have been reduced you can easily change to the foam cream very dry to rough skin.

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Aerosols - Creamy foam cream - Very dry to rough skin

Creamy Foam Cream

anti-fungal foam cream

Broad spectrum action against all relevant pathogen types. Relieves symptoms such as burning and itching usually after 3 days and has additional anti-inflammatory effects.

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Creamy foam cream - Hand foam cream

Creamy Foam Cream

Hand foam cream

Those who regularly apply cream to their hands protect the skin from losing its elasticity. Hand creams help prevent chapped hands. This is not only true for people who are naturally prone to dry skin

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Clotrimazole Tincture - Creamy Foam Cream

Aerosol Spray

clotrimazole tincture

Our Nail Tincture contains Clotrimazole - an antifungal agent which ultimately causes destruction of fungal cells.

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Created for our worldwide customers

CareActive offeras individual cosmetic product

All products are developed, produced, and certified in Germany! All the products are also available under the “CareActive brand”. Our customers can order products in their own preferred design starting with a minimum order of 500 pieces.

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CareActive located in Freiburg CareaActive made in Germany


Customer can contact us if they want to create their own new product idea! We are working together with different German laboratories and companies who are specialised in new product developments. So, it is no problem to develop your special product “made in Germany”.


We will assist and support our customers with the necessary registration and all documents, which will be required for a “cosmetic registration” world-wide! For the European trading platform, it is good to know, that all our products are listed on the European CPNP register. Our suppliers are all ISO and GMP certified.


For the delivery we have also our own specialist for the delivery of dangerous goods by road (ADR), by air (IATA) and by sea (IMDG)! We will prepare all the necessary shipping documents for you.

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