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Aerosols was the key-competence of CareActive when we start the company 2014! Those products are ready produced and stocked (without label) - so CareActive is quite fast with the deliveries of private label products.
Our aerosols can be characterized by high quality and best, positive impact on the skin. CareActive has the right solution for different types of skin. The aerosols are manufactured with the highest quality requirement (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008) certified companies only in Germany.

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The product ranch of the "non-aerosol" products is increasing every year by 3-5 new products. We are permanent developing new products on behalf of our customers and due to the requierments of FDA. Customer satisfaction is very important for us.

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The foam creams have one big advantage: the fast penetration of the cream!
Because of this advantage people can wear socks or stockings - without any creasy film - directly after application. Based on the high production technology - which was developed in the 90th in Germany – CareActive can offer this to international customers.

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