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Nail Tincture

Fungus sensitive nail tincture

PREVENTS NAIL AND FOOT INFECTIONS: Since it contains an appropriate concentration of alcohol, antiseptic Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil, Piroctone Olamine as well as Geraniol, our Nail Tincture successfully averts unwanted nail and foot infections including athlete’s foot and onychomycosis. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

STENGTHENS AND PROTECTS: Not only does our Nail Tincture guard off pathogenic microorganisms but it also makes the nail plate more resilient on its own. Silica positively affects the nail structure, making it significantly stronger.

PROMOTES SKIN REGENERATION: Abundant in Panthenol, the Tincture visibly soothes and repairs the skin, bringing relief to even the most tired and cracked feet. Moreover, it notably stimulates skin cell turnover thus skin regeneration due to its Lactic Acid content.

HYDRATES DRY SKIN: High in Glycerin, the Tincture provides adequate hydration to the skin. It actively binds water molecules in the skin layers, preventing their quick evaporation.

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Nail Tincture - CareActive

Sugar Peeling

VISIBLY SMOOTHS OUT THE SKIN: This effect is seen already after the first application even on the most cracked, dry feet. In our peeling we have used natural sugar crystals which, thanks to their optimal size and shape, get rid of dead skin cells without causing any irritation.

HYDRATES TIRED FEET: To pamper your feet even more, we have added hydrating Glycerin to our product. Having peeled off unwanted skin debris, the skin absorbs water-binding ingredients more easily what provides extra softness.

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Sugar Peeling - CareActive

Cracked Heels Cream

REPAIRS THE SKIN’S LIPID BARRIER: Being susceptible to constant friction and irritation, the skin of the feet gets damaged easily. To prevent that, we have used skin barrier strengthening ingredients, including Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Canola Oil, which are naturally compatible with the lipids of the skin. They make the skin more resilient as well as effectively lock in moisture.

HYDRATES: Cracked Heels Cream is abundant in hydrating ingredients like Glycerin, Urea and Hyaluronic Acid. They bind water in the deeper skin layers, softening even the most calloused and cracked feet.

REGENERATES AND PROTECTS: Cracked Heels Cream contains regenerative, soothing ingredients including Allantoin and Ectoine which facilitate wound healing and offer protection. Moreover, Tocopherol cares for healthy skin cell differentiation and presents a rejuvenating antioxidant 75 ml activity.

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Cracked Heels Cream  - CareActive

Antimix Pen (Stift)

REGENERATES EVEN THE MOST DAMAGED NAILS: Due to the special carrier system, ingredients are able to pass through the nail plate into the nail matrix, acting at the very source of the problem. There, Sweet Almond Oil provides utmost regeneration to the newly produced skin, being rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

PROVIDES ANTISEPTIC AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECTS: AntiMix pen contains Lemongrass Oil, which is known for its calming, anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it is exceptionally antimicrobial, effectively preventing bacterial, viral as well as fungal infections.

REDUCES DAMAGE CAUSED BY FREE RADICALS: Moreover, Lemongrass Oil possesses an extraordinary antioxidant activity. Acting at the nail’s matrix, it influences healthy skin cell differentiation at the very bottom of the nail.

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Antimix Pen (Stift) - CareActive

Callus Softener

Provides intense moisture and hydration to the skin

Possesses a keratolytic effect - effectively gets rid of superficial dead skin cells, diminishing the appearance of callouses

Rebuilds the healthy architecture of the skin

Compatible with the natural lipid mantle of the skin

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Callus Softener - CareActive

Nail Softener Tincture

CUTICLES: Nail Softener Tincture contains chemically peeling active ingredients like Urea and Lactic Acid which care for a proper skin cell turnover and differentiation.

SOFTENS AND SOOTHES THE SKIN: Nail Softener Tincture softens even the hardest nails and prepares them for cutting. It teems with calming and softening substances including Panthenol and Allantoin. Moreover, the mentioned ingredients facilitate wound

HYDRATES FOR EXTRA SOFTNESS: To provide an extra softening effect, we have added water-attracting compounds to our formula like Glycerin and Inositol.

PROVIDES AN ANTIOXIDANT EFFECT: To ensure the skin’s wellbeing, Nail Softener Tincture has been enriched with antioxidative and skin cell differentiation regulating Niacinamide.

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Nail Softener Tincture - CareActive

Foot Bath

PREPARES THE SKIN FOR FURTHER TREATMENT: Since it contains effective, yet gentle peeling ingredients, our Footbath removes superficial dead skin cells to allow active substances to be easily absorbed later. It contains compounds like Urea, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

Footbath is comprised of gentle antimicrobial substances including Piroctone Olamine as well as terpenoids like Linalool and Geraniol. Together, they inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi on the skin, while remaining mild and delicate in action.

SOFTENS AND HYDRATES THE SKIN: Rich in hydrating, water-binding Glycerin, our Footbath naturally provides extra softness to the feet.

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Foot Bath - CareActive

Shoe Disinfection Spray

DISINFECTS AND PREVENTS INFECTIONS: An appropriate, +50% alcohol denat. concentration cares for proper protection against bacteria and fungi, averting infections like athlete’s foot or onychomycosis. Moreover, Zinc Ricinoleate provides an additional antibacterial effect as zinc inhibits bacterial growth.

REDUCES UNPLEASANT SMELL: Zinc Ricinoleate is an effective, yet gentle deodorant, reducing unpleasant odours. Do not worry anymore about smelly feet!

REGENERATES AND SOOTHES: Yes, you can use our Spray on the skin as well! We have enriched it with soothing Panthenol for an additional regenerative effect. At the same time, it prevents dehydration.

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Shoe Disinfection Spray - CareActive

Ocean Cream

Ocean Cream is a highly functional foot cream. Glycerine transports moisture into deeper layers
of the skin and stabilizes the skin barrier, urea ensures the reduction of calluses.
Application: Gently brush affected skin areas with a spatula.

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Ocean Cream - CareActive

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