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CareActive GmbH - Health and Beauty

CareActive GmbH is located in Freiburg was and founded in 2014

  • In 2017 CareActive was converted into a GmbH (or Co., Ltd.)
  • The aim of CareActive is the marketing of Cosmetic products under private labels (OEM) or under the CareActive brand.
  • All products are “Made in Germany”

Created for our worldwide customers

CareActive offers individual cosmetic products such as:

  • Foam creams
  • General creams
  • Tinctures
  • Liquid care substances
  • Peelings

One key competence of CareActive is the development of unique foot & hand foam creams
The foam creams are niche products, that make it easier for you to enter new markets

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CareActive GmbH
Mr. Frank Ebert
Grosstalstrasse 1
79117 Freiburg i. Br. /Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 175 8822052

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