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  • Unique galenic
  • Emulsion of water and oil
  • after emerging from valve; Expansion of the foam


  • before use: “Shake well”
  • Hold vertically
  • Release foam (a small amount is enough)


  • Very user-friendly to apply (easy spreadable & fast penetration)
  • Quickly absorbed from the skin
  • No unpleasant greasy film on the skin – e. g. less greasy hands
  • Application between the toes are recommended!
  • Natural - because of the close system (there is no contamination from outside to inside the can possible)
  • Without PEG emulsifiers, silicons, & paraffin´s
  • Up to 2-times more efficient as conventional creams and ointments! (you can use one 125 ml bottle up to 6 weeks by using the foam twice a day)
  • After application you can put on compression stockings immediately!

Important feature: the net structure

  • Build-up a two-dimensional, 2-phase net structure
  • Protection of the skin, without clogging the pores
  • Like a fine-mesh, tight net, which lays on the skin
  • Quickly absorbed, without leaving a residue
  • Benefit: the natural skin functions, like breathing and transpiration, remain unchanged
Effective care and effective skin protection - without „clogging“ pores

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